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Nepalese earthquake: 6 months on, unrest and approaching winter worsen the situation
Date Posted: 10/22/2015

Malteser International provides aid to 70,000 people Faced with the onset of winter, Malteser International is preparing further aid measures for...


Order of Malta commemorates the 450th Anniversary of the Great Siege of Malta
Date Posted: 10/09/2015

Article: Anthony Gerada Four hundred and fifty years have passed since the momentous historic event, when Jean de Valette led his...


Helping refugees suffering from trauma
Date Posted: 10/09/2015

Most of the time they have left their homes carrying nothing but the bare essentials; but their burden is often...


The Order of Malta increases its efforts to assist refugees arriving in Europe
Date Posted: 10/09/2015

Refugee relief in Europe and the Middle East β€œIn these dramatic times in which wars and terrorism are spreading throughout the...


Nurse volunteer in Timor-Leste – account by Carly Hyland
Date Posted: 10/08/2015

[caption id="attachment_2290" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Jesuit Clinic at Railaco. From left Dr Robert Costa, Sammy Hyland RN, Rev Dr Bong...