Recent Association News

The Dignity Loans Program
Date Posted: 04/29/2016

Helping to create employment and stability for families living in difficult economic situations. Since June 2014, the Fund has been supporting...


The Order of Malta’s ongoing response to the Refugee Crisis
Date Posted: 04/29/2016

Below are examples of some, but not all, of the works being undertaken by the Order of Malta to support...


Lourdes Day Mass Celebrations in QLD – 7th May 2016
Date Posted: 04/28/2016

The Lourdes Day mass is an important event for the Order of Malta with Branches organising annual celebrations each year....


Hygiene packs distributed to Sydney’s Homeless
Date Posted: 04/11/2016

Thanks to a generous donation from Colgate Palmolive, the NSW Branch’s Community Care Van has started distributing ‘Hygiene Packs’ to...


Members Honoured in 2016 Australia Day Honours list
Date Posted: 04/07/2016

Congratulations to those distinguished members of the Australian Association who were honoured in the 2016 Australia Day Honours List: Consoeur Mrs...