New South Wales Branch

In NSW, our Branch has over 100 Members and volunteers who are committed to projects to help the sick poor and suffering in our community.

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St Joseph’s Hospital

Gorman House Detoxification Unit at St Vincent’s Hospital

Coats for the Homeless

Lourdes Day Mass Celebrations

Lecture Series – Helping Catholics to Better Understand their Faith

 If you have any questions about the activities of the NSW Branch or would like to learn about how you can get involved please email info@smom.org.au or call 02 9331 8477.


Activities of the NSW branch of the Order of Malta

St Joseph’s Hospital

Founded by the Sisters of Charity in 1886, St Joseph’s Hospital provides services and support to sick and aged residents in the local and wider community of Auburn and Western Sydney. St Joseph’s has 81 beds dedicated to medical and aged care rehabilitation, palliative care and aged care psychiatry. It treats both inpatients and outpatients.

The NSW branch is committed to providing support the palliative care unit which benefits not only patients but their carers and families.

Each year we provide medical aid and equipment to the hospital that the normal health budgets would not cover, including morphine pumps and refurbishment of the family and quiet rooms for the palliative care unit.

$140 could buy a morphine pump for the palliative care unit at St Joseph’s Hospital


Gorman House Detoxification Unit

Gorman House is part of St Vincent’s Hospital Alcohol and Drug Clinic and shelter to some of Sydney’s most marginalised and problematic population suffering from severe alcohol and drug problems. Many residents are often refused services by other agencies, have multiple addictions and some have histories of violence and self harm. A large number who seek refuge in Gorman House are homeless and as a result of their dependencies, are often suffering from deep psychiatric illness.

Gorman House consistently operates at full capacity and admits more than 1,500 residents each year. Demand continues to outstrip supply – for every person admitted to Gorman House another is turned away due to a local of beds.

In 2006 Gorman House was forced to reduce operation to less than 5 days a week due to lack of funding. The NSW Branch of the Order of Malta then stepped in and in partnership with St Vincent’s Hospital, have succeeded in raising funds to meet this funding shortfall, enabling Gorman House to operate 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Members and friends of the Order attend thrice weekly barbeques for residents of Gorman House. These volunteers assist Gorman House staff with the cooking of the barbeques and the serving of the meals, and importantly companionship and interaction with residents. If you would like to learn more about volunteering at Gorman House, please email info@smom.org.au

To date the NSW branch of the Order has raised over $1.2 million to keep the doors of Gorman House open 7 days a week to Sydney’s addicted who are seeking help.

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Coats for the Homeless

The Coats for the homeless project began over 10 years ago, when a Member of the Order in NSW, who was volunteering at a homeless shelter, recognised a need amongst the homeless community who were sleeping rough. Through a consultation process with the homeless, he designed, manufactured and distributed the “Homeless Coat”.

Since that time, the project has grown significantly and it is now a Nationwide project of the Order, with Coats being distributed to the homeless across Australia.

In Sydney city alone it is estimated that 800 people are sleeping rough on the streets on any given night. Half of all people who request accomodation from the homeless service system are turned away each day due to lack of beds. This leaves them extremely vulnerable to the cold weather.

$100 will buy three specially designed, warm shower-proof coats to those who need them.

In 2013, in collaboration with organisations that provide services to the homeless, over 1,000 of our specially designed Coats were distributed across the NSW Branchto those ‘sleeping rough’. In the winter of 2014 we would like to increase this further to meet growing demand.

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Lourdes Day Mass – Sydney

LDMOn the first Saturday in December the Order of Malta NSW Branch celebrates its Lourdes Day Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral.

The annual Mass is open to all, but those who are sick, facing health challenges and wanting good health are particularly encouraged to attend.

 A Blessing for good health takes place during the celebration of the Liturgy with water brought from the spring at the Shrine of Lourdes. Those receiving the Blessing are also provided with a bottle of Lourdes Water for their personal use.

 The Grotto at Lourdes, a town in the south western part of France’s Hautes-Pyrenees, has been a popular pilgrimage destination since Mary first appeared there to St Bernadette Soubirous in the mid-19th century. The water from the spring at Lourdes is cherished by the sick and infirmed for its connection to healing miracles. Every year more than six million people make the pilgrimage to Lourdes to drink and bathe in the water, and ask for healing and forgiveness.

 The Lourdes Day Mass provides those who cannot make the arduous and expensive journey to France with the opportunity to share in the Blessing and the water. It is a manifestation of the Order’s commitment to fulfill their mission to nurture, witness and protect the faith and serve the poor and the sick representing the Lord.


Lecture Series – Helping Catholics to Better Understand their Faith

At a time when many people seek to question the continuing role and relevance of the Catholic Faith, these lectures will equip ordinary Australian Catholics with the knowledge and arguments to defend our beliefs.

The lecture series, sponsored by the Order of Malta aims  to provide clarity for Australian Catholics in discussing and defending their Faith.

If you have missed the earlier lectures, you can listen to them online:

Prof Rowland’s lecture on The Three Theological Virtues: Why do faith, hope and love matter in the 21st Century

Lecture series: Cradio interview with Anna Krohn on Feminism & Equality: has the Church fallen behind?

Listen to Owen Vyner’s lecture The Grace of the Sacrament of Reconciliation: Healing for a Broken World”