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Day of the Poor – food distribution by Members in Thailand
Date Posted: 12/07/2017

As announced by His Holiness Pope Francis, 19th November, 2017 marked the first Day Of The Poor.

It was therefore with great honor and commitment that the Members and Friends of the Order of Malta in Thailand took the challenge to assist the Diocese of Nakaornsawan to donate 300 bags of dry food to the Mong Hill Tribe people in Khek Noi, Phetchabun, some 435km from Bangkok.

Hundreds gathered in the early hours of the morning of the 18th November, to receive the bags containing dry food from His Grace Bishop Pibul and members of the Order of Malta who were represented by Confrere Virachai and Consoeur Thiphavan.

It was a total success as nobody returned home empty handed.

Most of the recipients were Mong Hill Tribe people who were recruited by the Americans from Laos to flight communism in the mountain terrains in Thailand during the Vietnamese War and have stayed on as their own country became a communist state and far too dangerous to return. They mostly live in the mountainous regions of Thailand.


Reported by

Adrian Borg Cardona

26th November, 2017.

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