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Malteser International Annual Report 2017
Date Posted: 07/12/2018


The Annual Report_Malteser International_2017 is now available to download.

In it, you will find information on the achievements of last year, details of its financial development as well as information on our strategic approach to the most pressing humanitarian issues we face in our world today.

In many ways, 2017 was an eventful and challenging year for our International Relief agency, Malteser International. Multiple ongoing displacement crises and several new ones, as well as natural disasters left even more people in urgent need of assistance. This meant they had to amplify their efforts in supporting the most vulnerable, while launching new projects to reach even more people in need.

Malteser International was able to implement programs to the tune of around €47.4 million in the fiscal year 2017. The figures show that they continue to maintain a strong financial foundation for their programs, positioning them to meet the challenge of helping the rising number of people in crisis, while working with them in their everyday struggle to improve their lives for the long term.

Malester International could not have done any of this without the continued practical and financial support of their partners and the communities they work with. To everyone who has supported our International Relief agency, your support has helped saved many lives torn apart by conflict and natural disasters, and brought a ray of hope to thousands of people in distress. On behalf of all of these people, we say “Thank you!”, and ask for your continued support of our shared mission.