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The Inaugural Asia Pacific Summer Camp 2017
Date Posted: 08/10/2017

Dragon Boat Race on the riverThe Order of Malta has for the last thirty years has a tradition of holding summer camps for young disabled people aged between 18 to 30.

The Singapore Association, extended this tradition to the Asia Pacific region and from the 8th to 11th June 2017, the Inaugural Asia Pacific Summer Camp took place at the Singapore Sports School.

The Singaporean Association funded the accommodation, transport and food expenses within Singapore for the 50 disabled delegates and 60 plus carers and volunteers, which included 24 hours nurses, doctors and a 24 hour ambulance on standby.

Each Association paid for the air tickets and insurance and the registration fees of their delegates. Participants came from

Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

The theme of the camp was “Seize Every Moment”, to stress the richness that every second of life can offer. There were shared moments of joy and entertainment, of reflection and prayer, but also a lively cultural exchange between youths of different nationalities. These are the basic traits of the Order of Malta’s summer camps, both the international ones held every year in a European country and the numerous national ones.

Activities at the camp included scuba diving, bowling, archery, dragon boat racing and treasure hunts, as well as social activities such as a visit to the Botanic Gardens with a magic show, a cultural evening were guests were asked to wear their national costume and bring their national food and a disco.

The Games concluded with an award ceremony which includes the presentation of the Christopher Cup.

Winners of the Christopher Cup 2017: Tevapong and Sawang from Thailand

Winners of the Christopher Cup 2017: Tevapong and Sawang from Thailand

The Christopher Cup is awarded at all Summer Camps of the Order of Malta worldwide. The tradition started after a camp in 1994, where five Austrians youths met with a car accident on their way home after serving as helpers at the Order of Malta Summer Camp in Switzerland. All five volunteers -Ingrid Reithofer, Paul Kaltenegger, Christopher Breisky, Markus Knezevic and Thibault de Montjoye – lost their lives.

The parents of Christopher Breisky donated his beloved croquet set to the Order’s Summer Camp – it was his favourite game. Since then, the Christopher Cup Challenge is held every year in memory of the five Austrians volunteers who served so joyfully at the camp. Thus, the tradition began and continues at all games.

The Christopher Cup, at the 2017 Asia Pacific Camp was won by the Thai participants. The cup will be held in Thailand until next year, where is will be returned to Manila, Philippines, the location of the next Asia Pacific Camp.

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