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Wheelchair project update – delivery to Ubon Ratchathani
Date Posted: 03/26/2018

Report by Adrian Borg Cardona.

On March 21st, 2018 on behalf of the Members, Aspirants and Friends of the Order, I travelled to Ubon Ratchathani to present 8 wheelchairs. We visited two villages and a Social Centre for the disabled.

After meeting with Fr. Andrew and his staff we departed firstly to meet 3 recipients from last year and then followed to deliver 5  of the 8 wheelchairs.

We spoke to three of last year’s recipients who are happy with the wheelchairs as they can move around more freely giving them independence. One lady who has her own corner shop selling groceries stated that her business is much better as she know can greet her customers and move around her shop more freely giving her the independence to conduct her own business. Pictured left.

The five other recipients we meet , three over the age of 90 years have been waiting for a wheelchairs for many years, often not moving out their day bed as no one is around to help them.

It is very humble to realize that most of the people we spoke to have  an average income of  20.00 Australian Dollars a month from the government and purchasing a wheelchair is not possible. The only means of acquiring a wheelchair is if someone donates it to them, usually second hand.

We were very moved with their generosity, their warmth, the blessing they bestowed on us for delivering the much awaited wheelchairs, simple gestures that will last a life time.

We hope to be back next year, to continue The Wheelchair Project to help the Sick and the Poor in our society on behalf of The Order of Malta.

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