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Papal Award to Consouer Margaret O’Donnell
Date Posted: 08/08/2018

During the St Patrick’s Day School’s Mass earlier this year in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne, in front of a congregation of over 2500, the then Archbishop of Melbourne, Dennis Hart, presented Consouer Margaret O’Donnell with the papal award of the Croce Pro Ecdesia et Pontifice, its accompanying lapel pin, and the formidable testsmur (certificate).

The Cross for the Church and the Pope recognises Catholics who have given distinguished service to the Church.

The gold medallion of the Croce depicts both St Peter and St Paul.

This award is well deserved and bears testimony to Margaret’s distinguished service to her parish of St Gregory the Great in Doncaster, her service with the Society of St Vincent de Paul, her leadership as Principal of the parish school over 17 years, her membership of the Order of Malta, her other charitable works and her leadership in Catholic education in the Archdiocese over many years and in a variety of ways.

We salute her and congratulate her on this honour that she has been awarded by Pope Francis.