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Order of Malta Clinic in Dili – we still need your help!
Date Posted: 09/15/2017

The Order of Malta Clinic in Dili, will provide free primary medical services to those who are unable to afford treatment and will focus on antenatal and neonatal health, and the health of children up to age 5.

While Timor-Leste has made large strides in the quality of its healthcare since independence, it still has an infant mortality rate more than ten times that of Australia.  For a country on our doorstep, it is a terrible statistic.

The clinic is scheduled to open in November and well over US$450,000 has been spent on the project thus far. The premises have been built, the fit-out is complete and much of the medical equipment has been purchased. We have appointed a Paediatrician, Nurse and Clinic Manager and the recruitment of the remaining staff is well underway. However the opening is currently being held back by lack of funds on hand to finalise the set-up costs and get us through our first few months of operation.

This facility will be by far the best in Timor-Leste and once the clinic is operational, it will generate revenue from private clients to offset expenses.  However this revenue is not an option until the Clinic is operational.

Please consider a tax deductible donation to help get us through the Clinic opening and initial months of operation. You can make a donation using our secure PayPal facility:

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